Meetings are held 7:30pm in the Sherwood Room of the Newstead Centre, Tilford Road, Newstead Village – Members of the public are encouraged to attend

The meetings schedule for 2022/23 is as follows:
Please note there is no meeting in August

12th April 2023
17th May 2023 – Annual Meeting of the Parish & Annual Meeting of the Parish Council
14th June 2023
12th July 2023
13th September 2023
11th October 2023
8th November 2023
13th December 2023
10th January 2024
14th February 2024
13th March 2024

Full Council Minutes will be published after they are accepted by resolution at the next relevant meeting.
Please find all published minutes below:

14th February 2024Agenda
10th January 2024AgendaDraft Minutes
13th December 2023AgendaMinutes
8th November 2023AgendaMinutes
11th October 2023AgendaMinutes
13th September 2023AgendaMinutes
12th July 2023AgendaMinutes
14th June 2023AgendaMinutes
17th May 2023 (Annual Council Meeting)AgendaMinutes
12th April 2023AgendaMinutes

Historic Minutes by Year


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